Never Say Die

by Creature

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Søren Jakobsen
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Søren Jakobsen An overall strong performance Favorite track: Better Man feat. Slug.


released July 25, 2005

Produced by Fred ones, Mike Ladd, Rob Sonic, Rugged- N Raw, and Skila, Features Slug of Atmosphere, Busdriver, Jin, Rob Sonic, Gab Gotcha, 4ron, and Reno



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CREATURE New York, New York

Raised in Corona Queens, Creature has been a fixture on NYC’s fierce independent music scene for some time. His first record was produced by the Beatnuts, and through the course of his career, he’s recorded with MF DOOM, Prefuse 73, Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, Mike Ladd and countless others. ... more

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Track Name: Our National Anthem
Hydro make you walk on water
cigarettes make your breath turn shorter
some of us never make it off the corner
you don't know whats up i think you ought ta
don't bring that bullshit my way
or we going to handle shit the hard way
praise the lord i made another day
survival what can we say
days are darker nights are shorter
keep and eye on your sons and daughter
they show love they really don't want ta
baptized in trouble water
people quick to say we acting crazy
i don't know cant call it maybe
some of us are alcoholics baby
trying to live can you blame me

you want to kill us but only made us stronger
we still here
with our backs against the wall we going to rise before we fall
we still here
so don't be surprise that were still alive
we still here
our attitude is and always will be Never say Die

cant look a man in the eye talk out the side of your
to you get stabbed in now you showing respect
i know that boy aint over there ad libing some threats
its like a sheep selling wolf tickets pussy making ass bets
playing with a full clip Russian roulette
didn't see you in a line up but i know you suspect
a shame hip feds to names to obtain success
aint a damn thing change still curse to the flesh
Novocaine the pain to the day that we rest
man i cant explain in life we wanted the best
dead beat dads get left dead in the streets
you can hate the baby momma but the kids got to eat
you aint water proof get wet up for dry snitching
true fucking soldier die for his convictions
no body fucking sober mama high sniffing
hood rat in electric chairy call it fried chicken

down but not out we are not hopeless
we still here
the pain and suffering has made us focus
we still here
we shall inherit what is ours the limit is the sky
we still here
all my people come together and rise
Track Name: Tomorrow's Alive
mama had a nervous breakdown when i was young
in the next room hearing voices where they come from
you don't expect to hear many choices raised in the slums
don't accept being voiceless don't bite your tongue
molested and neglected wont trust no one
affected living reckless daddy its your son
where im from to be to be abused is a sign of weakness
don't be stunned or confused cant hide the secret
drowning in liquor pain is mine to keep it
aint the sign sound of the quitter cant hide defeated
same depressed kid with the chip on his shoulder
oh yes it is will he maintain or fold up
woke up with a hang over on a stain sofa
man if i could express it could obtain closure
what don't kill you make you stronger im on steroids
so when the night is over the days something you cant avoid

Gone is today
wasn't put here to stay
baby don't cry
tomorrows alive

when i was 12 i wore a kufi made Ramadan
now im in hell smoking loosies trying stay calm
they say you tell the truth drinking i stay drunk
you got no heart when you sober boy you a punk
i need you like a hole in the head and broken bones
a critic aint going to get mama out the nursing home
spit it like i was cursed when i was born
so vivid the way i paint it how could i be wrong
pops was a Muslim still smoke the pipe
daddy i aint mad i aint holding a gripe
spent nights on the train barely eating
explain you aint surviving unless you cheating
its crazy hearing you lazy underachieving
wasted my life rhyming what was the reason
whats righteous about starving be poor aint appealing
we all thru stress by happy you breathing

Gone is today
wasn't put here to stay
baby don't cry
tomorrows alive 2x

Brother in creedmoore mother on Prozac
father who smoke crack they bother you wrote that
a part of soul snatch your heart is a cold latch
that only opens when you hoping you can go back
lose yourself in music hope to disappear
don't be stupid just pursue it why you sitting there
Allah why im here no stable career
past we cry so much we aint able to tear
i spent two years on a therapist chair
im bent who cares this time fear wont interfere
sarcastic perhaps its to hide imperfections
relapses relax kid its not just depression
he practice laughs i can see the progressions
the fact is last overcame his rejections

Gone is today
wasn't put here to stay
baby don't cry
tomorrows alive