Human Error

by Creature

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No Rest for the depressed black coffee and cigarettes
on a disconnected phone i called death collect
she paying a lifetime debt placed under arrest
embrace my breath smoke laced with stress
politically incorrect kid
from you perfect world we was rejected neglected
fuck you hypocrites i confessed it

Poison me shed me sins
Crucify him
im not a perfect man
but i know who i am

Religious fanatics kill with automatics blood spill
on TV screen teens die for cheap thrills
a mother screams is shrill smother pain with pills
medicaid cant cover the bill
discover enormous courage and will
rest on filthy mattress with no meal
drug addicts and alcoholic still
proceed to tell the seeds we cant catch cabs
the melody mad made trips to rehab
bleed thru open sores and scabs

Poison me shed my sins
Crucify him

Rich parents send there kids to boarding school
where im from kids ignore the rules get bored at school
guidance counselors left us more confused
violent feuds between rival crews
beef sparked on the avenue class clowns in the class room
the park is filled with villains and goons
the children have no place to bloom
juvenile delinquents with hostile instincts
crack vials in the strollers of infants
burnt finger tips
12 in a cell mommy cant help you now

down but not out
foundation fragile like porcelain
name the medicine
that cures sin
stain your eye not to see the chameleon
its strange how people who never knew you said you changed
trial by fire arise again
in hell im here on welfare with no health care
hopeless trying to regain focus in despair
with out will still make it i swear
cold and naked in a world so brutal but who cares
its true yelling life aint fair
whose rebelling they don't want us to interfere
color me melancholy blue drowning in beer
tell the bottle cool its only me and you with fear
nothing to lose no excuses for the drugs we abuse
claustrophobic i cant get in where i fit
with slit wrist i came alive thru suicide
survival is a friend of mine
so how could i run and hide
held libel for a self induced ambulance ride
screams silent dreams violent
vibrant nightmares stop and stare
a beggars banquet a warm blanket for cold rejection
in Washington crooks bought and stole the election
Americas oldest obsession prostitutes and weapons
good Samaritans killed by adolescents
there aint no guessing life teach you lessons
struggle to overcome oppression
live life to the fullest is the best suggestion
refuse to compromise expression
i rather die by the bullet than hold in repression

Poison me shed my sins
Crucify him
im not a perfect man
but i know who i am


released December 31, 2001
Produced by Heat Sensor. 2001. Sound Ink Records. Written by Creature.



all rights reserved


CREATURE New York, New York

Raised in Corona Queens, Creature has been a fixture on NYC’s fierce independent music scene for some time. His first record was produced by the Beatnuts, and through the course of his career, he’s recorded with MF DOOM, Prefuse 73, Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, Mike Ladd and countless others. ... more

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