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Mista sinista----- For the..... Suckas
lets be specific
for the... Suckas
now for lets be Specific
For the Suckas

Smells like a million dead cops in here
y'all shocked the children stop and stare
you don't wanna kill nobody you pop in the air
ask if killed somebody he like i pop em yeah
rappers are pathological liars
the phones are tap these rats were wires
hes a sucka get him a pacifier
I'm tighten you up fucker pass the pliers
no drug king pin no past suppliers
but you love i came in spit tin acid fire
how you hustle heavy to passive buyers
more than muscle's baby attack empires
talking rims and tires should been retired
spins like a dryer i been a rider
since life's a bitch i came inside her
mouth now she got my money tighter

i don't run i don't hide
i wont play no sucka games
problem with me homie say my name
and ill just... bring it to you sucka whatever---- Mista sinista cuts

i don't run i don't hide
i wont play these sucka games
problem with me
homie say my name
and ill just.... bring it to you suckas whatever-- Mista Sinista


i don't know what y'all thinking but ill tell y'all what
Just-ice on the mic proceed to rip the place up
dislocate your knee caps don't ask for what
cuz if you see me doing it you better keep ya mouth shut
all the way from wood lawn going down to fort greene
you having been where Ive been you've haven't seen what i seen
Ive traveled the world three times over for y'all its just a dream
Just-ice go alone i don't need no damn team
you cant live how i live or do what i do
you cant talk in my conversation and cant walk in my shoes
i got shines that will make you blind i always pay my dues
32 perpendicular i got the right tools
cats spitting pure ignorance thinking they can rhyme
i screw face those little fuckers cause their just a waste of time
inadequate or obsolete not really my concern
a waste of human flesh at best or drops a waste of sperm
i don't care what you had all that useless bragging
push your luck with just they'll be some instant toe tagging
intelligence is a must something their lacking
go learn to read or write pull up your pants and stop sagging
sounds like cats wanna try get rough like me
tatted like leather whatever tough like me
no money in your pocket stink breath and yellow teeth
just-ice pon da track big up to my homie Creech

i don't run i don't hide
i wont play these sucka games
problem with me say me name
and ill just.........


released July 13, 2011
written by Creature and Just-ice
produced by Dave Baxtor
Cuts- Mista Sinista
mixed by Fred ones
Mastered by Eddie Scissors



all rights reserved


CREATURE New York, New York

Raised in Corona Queens, Creature has been a fixture on NYC’s fierce independent music scene for some time. His first record was produced by the Beatnuts, and through the course of his career, he’s recorded with MF DOOM, Prefuse 73, Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, Mike Ladd and countless others. ... more

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