Torn Together


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Andrew Dayton
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Andrew Dayton Can't get "oooh oh"outta my head! Favorite track: Warhols Wig Ft. Kool A.D.
sebastien sanchez
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sebastien sanchez ok, here we have a brilliant, majestic record, one more proof that "something new" is nothing but true hip hop. need it on wax! Favorite track: Sore Eyes Ft. Vordul Mega.


Raised in Corona Queens, Creature has been a fixture on NYC’s fierce independent music scene for some time. His first record was produced by the Beatnuts, and through the course of his career, he’s recorded with Doom, Prefuse 73, Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, Mike Ladd and countless others. He’s also worked with Ari Up of the Slits and has toured with the likes of Angelo Moore and H.R (Bad Brains)

His work has been covered in The New York Times, HipHop Weekly, Mojo Magazine, The Village Voice, The Starz Network (Starz In Black), and he tours and plays consistently around the country. His upcoming DIY solo project, was produced primarily by Preservation (Ka, Yasiin Bey) and features a number of guest features including Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox, Kool A.D., and Homeboy Sandman.


released June 16, 2015

all lyrics written by S.Booker aka Creature ( Insomniac Dream Entertainment BMI
except were noted.
Produced by Preservation 1,2, 3, 6, 7
Produced by Noble Dru 5
Produced by Kon Boogie 4
Produced by J. Stylez 8
Produced by El Pres Beats 9
recorded and mixed and Mastered by Dez Buddha
track 2. written by S. Booker Angel Del Villar
Track 5. written by S. Booker Shamar gardner
track 6 written by. S. Booker Victor Vazquez



all rights reserved


CREATURE New York, New York

Raised in Corona Queens, Creature has been a fixture on NYC’s fierce independent music scene for some time. His first record was produced by the Beatnuts, and through the course of his career, he’s recorded with MF DOOM, Prefuse 73, Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, Mike Ladd and countless others. ... more

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Track Name: Another Day (Fight Back)
pick the cotton white tees for free
apple is rotten you eat the worm with eve
dysfunctional charm slicker and honest
uncle was a tom now a bigger Thomas
agent orange brain turn to omelets
torn out the frame what remains a promise
pledge allegiance , fed the heathens
mama don't worry i ain't dead just bleeding
barely breathing , bred to win
here ain't leaving Ill say it again
no ass sniffer no boot licker
wanna cut out my tongue cause it the truth nigga
yall never gave a fuck about our youth mister
america eats its young now the truths bigger
aint the life and times of mister jive ass nigga
write these rhymes to redefine that picture
sight for blind i hope you find that quicker
tonight we shine get brighter not bitter
hanged and castrated on tv
in front of my babies with joy and glee
neck snapped from a tree
fight back, is something wrong with me
something wrong with me
give me a minute ill be on my way
probably get killed for the things i say
ride out
to another day
Track Name: Roller coaster ft. Homeboy Sandman
ambitious, demand riches
food for thought clean the damn dishes
hand to hand he pitches stands vicious
the man the misfit swam with the fishes
you a guppy in a pool of sharks
a sick puppy with a tool the spark
any fool with heart thinks its cool to bark
to he lose his parts that's the ruthless part
them brothers ain't playing them games no more
cch change what the things you saw
why you so scared of danger for
what the hell you point them fingers for
i don't know bout you but I'm on something
that get me to the sky without all the puffin
watch it go down like a nuclear button
we all blow up its all or nothing
i didn't say nothing that didn't make no sense
just made Lil statement to pay the rent
got the right to be hostile but it pays to vent
and drop out of high school at the age of ten

been down and out with my kinfolks
made a little and but we need more
wont blow away when the wind blow
turn it up show em how we roll
Track Name: African Drums
Smile and middle finger in the baby pics
im the one spit like Krs in 86
you ever see a praying atheist
blow up, a precinct all you saw was bacon bits
a Nigga with a attitude, old dirty radical
dont follow the herd, or move how the cattle do
dont got a trap jumping like trampolines
got raps, that attract a batch of fiends
what happened? to the red, black, and green
some got snatch, others claps by magazines
here to get paid, like rich twins
knock off your toupee, you miss hair you sick friend
the homies, will r.ip when the 40 cals barking
slicker than the hair on al sharpton
illest ever, vocals hospitalize
feel this, terror thru hostile eyes
And we all get down to the african drums
we all get down to the african drums
we all get down to the african drums
we all get down we all get down
hey yo , hey yo, hey yo, HO
hey yo, hey yo, ho

you let ya chain hang like slaves in the south
in exchange slang cane in a drought
keep the ye in the couch pull k on ya spouse
pull out brains sauerkraut
too fifthly to take the shower route
not guilty a reasonable doubt
that's classic ill- clap matics
still, brothers disappear - black magic
chill, mothers in tears- that's tragic
the gutter is severe,- black caskets
listen to sly stone tripping on acid
i die grind the bones sniff the ashes
fly the body home spirit back flip
no shot tie chrome aint hearing a ratchet
lobby Holmes with a spear and hatchet
violent prone y'all fearing the blackness
Track Name: Dying art Proud
crying out loud did a dying art proud
a lion heart growl, eying a dark cloud
applying the parts, wow denying my smarts how
aligning the sharp vowls, the prying starts now
dag, is everything he spitting non fiction
from his dad, addiction to moms condition
glad ,he sounds how i feel I'm a listen
profound and real , sad he's gone I'm a miss him
kiss the corpse its a beautiful one
its a gift of course your a delusional son
spit for sport lose you before you begun
sit in court they lose you for a gun
cuz everything sexual or crime related
til you get turn into vegetable outlined and faded
but you ain't in a barber chair its harder here
you talking too mercenaries and martyrs yeah

aint no denying
feels like he's dying
the heart of a lion
catch the sky its falling

wrote a suicide note you provide the rope
hide the hope, in that black caddy ride nope
caught inside a scope,fought collide and choke
in a kaleidoscope with a collage of folks,
a barrage of jokes, last hurrah a hoax
high he ski on slopes, no self esteem he mopes
fix the meaning broke, start dreaming woke
im leaning bloke, and im scheming loc
strung out, i know the feelings dope
i hung out, to the evening croaked
and heard the proverbs the heathens quote
wise words, do you believe in hope
its hard to fight when your hands is tied
and swim at night when the land is dry
no questions, just random why's
learn your lessons, stand and fly (yeaahhhh)
aint no denying
feel like he's dying
the heart of a lion
catch the sky
its falling
Track Name: Sore Eyes Ft. Vordul Mega
blind fiend, last seen getting high
blaspheme, curse god spit at the sky
past scene, what a hell of a ride
flat screen, facts gleam in his eye
talk occupy, but walk when options die
fought for your rights what a optimist, bye
streets seem bleak at-least dimly lit
creeps, scream at freaks him be it
fall back, into a pattern of depression
cause that, to add to suggestions
of course doubt, but keep your two cents
from the horses mouth, glue to cement
stuck in the mud , no help wheres the love?
wont budge, held fear like a grudge
despair oder beer next to confusion
it look in the mirror, use it illusion

A site for sore eyes it be that way
tonight your tour guide will feel no pain

Murals, on the blood stained sidewalk
thorough, hear the pain when i talk
last stop, to nowhere choke on the cold air
laugh alot, and hope that the soul sparred
broke on the ave, wrote in note pad
a nomad, feel he can float when he spazz
Coltrane, love supreme played in the background
the whole terrain, smothered his dreams he sat down
act proud, white angel followed a black cloud
life dangled, pride swallowed thru a crack smiled
tomorrows cheap, when you follow sheep
you can borrow grief, full of sorrow weep
awoke, by the winter breeze no joke winners bleed
no hope ,get dinner for those seeds
life we live it bright and vivid
the price exquisite and the night is frigid

in a kite flying society, watch when the thunder strikes
while swimming in waters, only some will survive
you can tell by the bites
on land, rose melt from behind, under bikes, as we ghost ride living sublime
trying ta muster a line, getting thru troubling times
hard to be, consistent trying to stay focused and disciplined
some trying to get play, like throwing disc in the wind
inventions of visiting airwaves, throwing like discus
some will get to the point when the target is hit
be up, in the mixed sparring spliffs , wanting to sit
after alot of intake, hoping it doesn't bother kid
then to get it bumping like mixtapes jumping in the whip
mixing to we get back up in the crib, embedded settling blowing out
the candles lit
Track Name: Warhols Wig Ft. Kool A.D
beige cargo's babes in cars loads
heard he was a rocker where's ya guitar yo
what type of rapper wears purple socks crock's
only listen to trapper purple tops on the block
whats up with those locks looks like a beavers ass
i wish he would stop creature trash
fuck his hard work look at paws shirt
strange bizarre the pains in his bar jerk
is he trying to be Chuck D or Chuck berry
i mean I'm dying to leave this stuff scary
is he frying the trees a dust fairy
who's he trying to please is he tough very
outspoken to the teeth in your mouths broken
sleep on ya couch intruders in your house bulge in
in the rotten apple the plotting to clap you
pop near statue hit with rocks and shrapnel
shirtless high on the fire escape look at desire face
smirk sick admire her grace from a private place
you some type of voyeur jailhouse righteous lawyer
bail out by mailed clout to the nicest employer
you shine shoes for a living define clues that I'm giving
buy booze for women and find the blues sickening
oh you a powder sniffer with no power mister
see the louder picture i hope a hour quicker

Bitch im James Dean and what it means
He could change dreams
And still wear the same jeans and viceversa
Style like that of the Ying Yang Tweens, but worster
The light curse, can't I write, but I write with a knife curse
All caps, the night worker
Shouts out to Chris Columbus: the original white lurker
Who taught all the tikes they should like murder
Ain't German, but I like burgers
Hella wavy like surfers
You could smell it daily like Swishers
Naughty by nature plus nurture
MCs couldn't search for the kid
I serve purposes worst, better for better, and better for worse
And my base is third, my face gaser
I take chapters and open them
Some to hopeless laughter, other's to doper castles
Where the fold the coldest napkins
I do rap shit with my rap friends
I do white shit with my black friends
I do black shit with my white friends
I do hype shit with my friends cause I like them
Plus I make nice ends, but that's whatever player
I'm on another layer, another level
The bevel edge of the mind could cut swines and others devils
The great vines swing above the pebbles, dawg
I'm Normal Mailer with a new Taylor
Dude, you a hater, true
I'm like an alligator in an elevator
To the top, see you later
High, high, high, high
Track Name: Blood Orange Sky
the city skyline is breathtaking
trouble on my mind chest aching
heart heavy pain sharp, steady
hands sweaty, waiting on darkness already
stagger up the step dreams shatter and left
scream madder piss the bladder confess
woke up early thinking dirty, stinking
worthy to be banking, grants, Franklin's
bible by the night stand bottle in the right hand
wobble to lights man fell five flights damn
roaches in the ashtray focused on the last days
approached by the past not hope so laugh hey
hold the weapon straight
in the collection plate
look at his refection great
problems forgot em the follow him to Gotham
got get it popping involved with more options
sweat stain tee shirt faded jeans feet hurt
no faded dreams fucker we work
no trust funds baby im were bust guns daily
lust young ladies, tough as elephant tusk, maybe
abandoned by his pops i heard he digs rapping
dig it Holmes when you live it its more vivid poems
timid alone lost his pivot he's gone
Sky High
Still feels so Lonely
Sky High
still you feel so Lonely
Track Name: U Playing With It
Wholesale killers take cheap shots
you a ho, thats frail nigga, from a weak block
strutting in them skinny jeans like a peacock
spit crack, by any means then detox
you aint about that life in the hood poppin hammers
when they say you nice they mean polite, good manners
you lames, aint worthy you a stranger to danger
oh i get it, you wait to you thirty become a gang banger
start, twisting your fingers up full of anger pistol tuck
you old, don't mean you a o.g that been through stuff
see everybody, a tough guy with the wild face
until you buckeyes like Ohio State
shells to your dome the mouths the weapon
now hells your home, south of heaven
here off my strength, no cosign
how you spit it like a pimp with a ho's mind

uhah you just playing with it
uhah, hell naw we aint wit it
come around, frontin save that shit
motherfucka we dont play that shit
motherfucka show em how you feel
it means nothing, boy if it aint real
you spit sick, but you aint ILL

spit dope like it came off a boat from Columbia
murder i wrote every note you can quote I'm hungrier
whats the problem you roll with goblins heathens by the pack
you flow ain't got em nodding and leaning here's the smack
in the garden of Eden with eve in my lap
pardon Ive been leading eating off a rap
Uncanny sit down if you cant stand me
hear him spazzing O.D.B. at the Grammy's
you hear ear gasams flows nose candy
you grow mo' antsy to here me up the ante
you let your can burst every damn verse
where you hide it skinny jeans man purse
get it like a banker you scream cant stand work
skip the gangster routine be a man first
keep it funky, like piss in the radiator
get money, 730 thats crazy paper

uhah you just playing with it
uhah, hell naw we aint wit it
come around, frontin save that shit
motherfucka we dont play that shit
motherfucka show em how you feel
it means nothing, boy if it aint real
you spit sick, but you aint ILL

no gimmicks Holmes Ive been nice
come up out that throne a minute after midnight
you pumpkin pie black get bread pumper nickel
you fronting guy you whack a chump a cripple
life aint what its cracked up to be put the pipe down
ya wife shacked up with me i lay the pipe down
cut it out like a coupon or get laid out --- futon
they sprayed up his house left his roof gone
stupid, that means your ruthless
that just means your tops gone, useless
plus your buzz aint big as your ego
how you the head thug getting sonned by the ehoys